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Map of graves application

Information Provided by Citizens

In addition to the commendable work carried out by some Autonomous Regions and Associations dedicated to recovering historical memory, citizens' cooperation is required in order to supplement and document the work that has been completed to date.

This mailbox was created for the purpose of receiving as much information as citizens can provide on the burial places to which article 12.2 of Law 52/2007 refers or on the possible identity of the victims interred there. Of course, these testimonies must be submitted for relevant verification, research and documentation prior to being included in this Map of Graves.

For this purpose, this Office of Victims of the Civil War wishes to serve as a conveyer between the citizens providing information and the Authorities or Associations dedicated to this type of research, in such a way that the information or testimonies received in this mailbox will be forwarded to the aforementioned entities.