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Map of graves application

Information on the map of graves

Pursuant to the provisions of article 12.2. of Law 52/2007 of 26 December which acknowledges and extends rights and establishes measures in favour of those who were the victims of persecution or violence during the Civil War and the Dictatorship, the Spanish Government was commissioned to create an integrated map of the entire national territory showing the areas where the remains of people who disappeared under violent circumstances during the Civil War and the subsequent political repression have been found.

According to the aforementioned article, the data sent by the different competent Public Authorities should be incorporated into this map; for this purpose the relevant collaboration agreements have been signed with several Regional Governments.

Therefore, the data used to create the Map comes from the information sent to the Ministry of Justice by the different Autonomous Regions that signed the collaboration agreements and by Associations, Foundations or Entities dedicated to recovering historical memory, whose research has received subsidies from the Ministry of the Presidency.

These are elementary or basic details about the burial places, some of which have already disappeared, but whose location is known; therefore, those citizens who would like further information should contact the Authority or Entity that provided the information.

It must be pointed out that the information incorporated into the map to date is a first draft or initial version of the map and that it will be completed over time as part of an ongoing, dynamic process in which burial places already located have yet to be marked and this map will be subject to both the addition of new locations as well as constant updates of the data included about mass graves that have already been located.

We inform the citizens concerned that the locations of the burial places on the map do not correspond to their real geographical coordinates; rather the symbols have been placed over the populated area where they are located.

Map of Graves

Access to information on graves through a geographical map of Spain. Different coloured symbols are shown according to the type of intervention carried out on the graves and information may be viewed at different zoom levels. You can access detailed information on the grave from the map.

Grave Search Engine

Access to information on graves through a search form using different criteria The results lists enable you to access both detailed information on the graves and on the victims buried there, as well as the location of the grave on the map.

Victim Search Engine

Access to the victim search engine through a form using different criteria. The results lists provide information on the different entities that hold information on these victims.